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Camping og telt

Senja Camping er godt tilrettelagt for besøk med campingvogn, bobil eller telt.

Camping and tent

If you wish to visit us and use your own housewagon or tent, we have electricity and sanitary services available for you.

We have several servicecenters with bath, toilets and shower, and kichen possibilities. Washer and tumble dryer are available for rent.

We do not have a booking system for housewagons and tents. You can however give us a call to check that we have available space for you before you take the trip to us.

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Housewagon/ motorhome:
NOK 290,- per day
incl. WIFI and electricity

NOK 200,- per day (2 persons)    
Additional persons: NOK 20.- per person.

NOK 10.-  (7-8 minutes)